beLinked Packages


R 60 per month
R 60
Per Month
Per User
  • 1 beLinked Credit


R 330 per month
R 55
Per Month
Per User
  • 6 beLinked Credits
  • 8% Saving


R 750 per month
R 50
Per Month
Per User
  • 15 beLinked Credits
  • 17% Saving
  • VIP Support*


R 1,200 per month
R 40
Per Month
Per User
  • 30 beLinked Credits
  • 33% Saving
  • VIP Support*


Based on total credits required.
R 30
Per Month
Per User
  • +30 beLinked Credits
  • 50% Saving
  • VIP Support*
  • Additional Branding Customisation **

* beLinked will be created by us. 

**Enterprise beLinked users can have their font and other styling adjusted to match their specific branding.

Additional Add-On's

Only available to Business and Enterprise users.

Call-To-Action Add-On

A call to action makes it clear to potential customers which action to take next.

Client Logo Gallery Add-On

Incorporating client logos as social proof is one of the easiest ways to establish brand credibility.

Contact Form Add-On

It’s Great For Letting People Know That You Are Reachable Through The Contact Form.

FAQ Add-On

Frequently Asked Questions is a organized collection of valuable information.

Portfolio Gallery Add-On

Impress Visitors and display Your Work With A Portfolio

Pricing Table Add-On

Pricing plans in an easy-to-digest format

Testimonial Add-On

A Customer Testimonial Section Can Be Enough To Earn The Trust Of Your Visitors.

Video Add-On

Videos allow visitors to consume more content, faster.